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Stagiaire Master 2 (BAC+5) Ingénierie Aérospatiale; Master 2 (BAC+5) Ingénierie Astronautique; Doctorat (BAC+8) Mécanique du vol et des fluides Ecole Polytechnique de Turin Turin sur : stagiaires

Ingénieur Aérospatial et Astronautique - Aérodynamicien

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Date de dernière connexion : 2011-07-11

Monsieur Ca... NE...
10077 San Maurizio Canavese - Turin

Métiers préparés : Essais en vol, mécanique des fluides

Ecole: Ecole Polytechnique de Turin
10129 Turin

Cycle : Master 2 (BAC+5) Ingénierie Aérospatiale; Master 2 (BAC+5) Ingénierie Astronautique; Doctorat (BAC+8) Mécanique du vol et des fluides 7eme année
Master 2 (BAC+5) Ingénierie Aérospatiale; Master 2 (BAC+5) Ingénierie Astronautique; Doctorat (BAC+8) Mécanique du vol et des fluides
Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac+8
Dernier diplome : Doctorat
Niveau d'études actuel : Bac+8
Métiers préparés : Essais en vol, mécanique des fluides

Durée du stage : 14 mois
Début du stage :
1999-02-01 2000-04-20
Temps Plein Oui
Alternance Non
Mobilité autour de votre lieu d'habitation :

Lettre de motivation

I am Italian, 43, and currently I am working for Alenia Aeronautica, an Italian aeronautical company sited in Turin.
I work as a senior engineer and team leader in a laboratory devoted to the simulation of crisis management and operative scenarios, civil and military.
I have a PhD in Flight Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics and two Masters of Science in Aerospace Engineering and Astronautical Engineering.I have experience as a concept developer (3 years), CFD researcher (2 years), avionics qualifier (6) and flight test engineer (1+ year) on Eurofighter and C27J.
I can offer flexibility, a professional approach and the capability to work under pressure; have a positive and friendly mood and a great capability to work and to communicate in international environments.
I am looking for a good position in a highly qualified company and am very interested in a position in France.
If possible, I would like to have the opportunity of meeting a recruiter.
If you think my profile fulfils your need or requires any further information please don't hesitate to get in touch with me.
Many thanks in advance


  • Good communication and negotiation skills.
  • Positive mood, friendly behaviour and very good capability of integration in international environments.
  • Strong determination and capability to focus on goals.


Alenia Aeronautica – Corso Marche, 41 – 10146 Turin - Italy.

  • July 2008 – Today
Team Leader and Senior Engineer – Battlespace/Battlefield Laboratory. Concept development and analysis of operational scenarios (civil, military and security programmes); Crisis Management and simulation in distributed IT environments; Focal point for contacts with European Universities and Research Centres; Company tutorship for university students, young graduates and junior researchers.

  • 2008
Project Manager c/o ECATA – ISAE Supaero (France) / University of Pisa (Italy). Breakthrough propulsion technologies – new concepts for space propulsion systems.

  • July 2006 – July 2008
Team Leader and Senior Engineer – Numerical Simulation Lab. Computational Fluid Dynamics engineer and researcher; Contribution to CFD methods and multidisciplinary methods improvement including relations with other departments and other Companies; Technical support and expertise in the frame of Aerodynamics for internal and external customers; Participation to Research projects in cooperation with European Research Centres or Universities; Company focal point for electromagnetic, plasma and exotic propulsion systems.

  • 2006
Alenia Delegate - ECATA Workgroup (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Sweden). European UAV Program for Border Security - Project development, technical feasibility, mission analysis, risk management, cost management. Network in European aeronautical business.

  • April 2001 – July 2006
Team leader – Avionics Qualification. Eurofighter team leader in avionics qualification for Super High Value Air Ground Equipments; Member of the Eurofighter Software Qualification Joint Team.

SDA Express Courier (Logistics) – Via Eugenio Gra, 19 Rome - Italy.

  • April 2000 – April 2001
Project Manager - Technical Direction and Engineering. Plant engineer in planning, installation and testing of the support plants for laser barcode scanners; Focal point of SDA vs Suppliers contacts.

Alenia Aeronautica – Corso Marche, 41 – 10146 Turin - Italy.

  • January 1999 – April 2000
Flight Test Engineer – Flight Test Department. C-27J Spartan flight test engineer: propulsion, general systems and real time monitoring; Eurofighter flight test engineer: propulsion, general systems and real time monitoring.


  • PhD in Aerospace Engineering – Politecnico di Torino (2010).
  • ECATA Diploma – ISAE Supaero / Univ. of Pisa / TU Munich / TU Delft (2006).
  • Master of Science in Astronautical Engineering - Politecnico di Torino (2004).
  • Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering – Università ‘La Sapienza’, Rome (1998).


  • Italian: native language
  • English: fluent in speaking, writing and reading
  • French: internediate in speaking, writing and reading (currently studying).


  • VR-Forces: expert user Forces deployment on the battlefield, strategic and tactical management.
  • VPMM: expert user Flight dynamics and electronic warfare management in combat applications.
  • Stealth: expert user Visualisation of civil and combat scenarios.
  • Qualnet: expert user Simulation of Datalink connections and communication nodes.


  • Operating systems: Windows / Unix / Linux.
  • Computer Programming: Fortran 90/77, C/C++.
  • Design and Analysis: Ansys 8.0 - 11.0, Tecplot, Patran/Nastran, Numeca Fine Turbo, NASA HAP.
  • Commercial tools: DOORS, MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Project.


  • Good capability to merge theory and practice, inclination to the ‘hands on’ approach, good experience in experimental work in aeronautics.


  • Military service: served in Air Force (1995 – 1996).
  • Training course in organizational behaviour, psychology and management of work groups (2003).
  • Training course in Quality Assurance (May 2002).


  • Martial Arts since 1977;
  • Horse riding.


  • Refereed Journal Papers: ‘Industrial Computational Fluid Dynamics Tools for the Evaluation of Aerodynamic Coefficients’; Journal of Aircraft Vol. 46, November-December 2009, pp. 1973-1983.
  • Refereed Conference Papers: ‘Automatic Differentiation in CFD’; XX AIDAA National Congress, June 29th - July 3rd, 2009, Milano, Italy. ‘Use of Synthetic Scenarios for the Development of Aeronautical Systems Concept’, XX AIDAA National Congress, June 29th - July 3rd, 2009, Milano, Italy.
  • Technical Reports: ‘Report on Automatic Differentiation’. June 26th, 2008, SimSAC Project Report, ‘Synthesis Report on CTC Reference Results, ADIGMA/WP6/A-D/D6.1.4_080829_v1’, August 29th, 2008.‘Conceptual Design Figures of Merit’, SimSAC Project, Deliverable D 6.4-1, December 20th, 2007.

Ongoing Publications:
  • ‘Unsteady Differentiation of Aerodynamic Coefficients - Methodology and Application’.
  • ‘Aircraft Dynamic Response in Manoeuvred Flight: Model and Validation'.


Outils / Logiciels / Méthodes maitrisés : Ansys, Tecplot, DOORS, Patran/Nastran, NASA HAP, Numeca Fine Turbo; Windows, Unix, Linux; Fortran 77/90, C/C++; MS Word, Excel, Power Point, Project.

Permis VL, PL, véhicules spéciaux : B, C

Langues :
Italien : Langue maternelle
Anglais : Langue de travail
Français : Intermédiaire

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